Sunday, June 1, 2014

Deliveries: Whilst We Were Away

We've been away in Kent again so there have been several parcels arrive whilst we've been away.

I won this from Hipp over on twitter. The girls haven't tried this one before so it'll be great for them to try.
I won this magazine from Cbeebies on twitter after answering a simple question.
This book is from Windmill Books and sounds very intriguing. I won it over on twitter after answering a question.
And here is Showbiz Postman Pat. He's rather wonderful as he sings and dances. Having performed to the twins, Amber is fascinated and Eden ended up in tears! Very mixed reviews. He's done rather well to survive his time in the back garden after the courier shoved him over the back fence so he's been there since. He was obviously packaged well. I won him on twitter from UKMums after they had a  twitter party celebrating the new Postman Pat film. I'm hoping both girls will grow to love him! There are eight more parcels at the post office so I'll add them when we've picked them up. 

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