Friday, June 20, 2014

Deliveries: Whilst we were on holiday!

We've been for a lovely week away on the Isle of Wight for the girls' first holiday. We had a fab time and are already making plans for next year. We had three parcels waiting at the post office.
I won this in a Father's Day competition on twitter from Octupus Books. I sent them a picture of one of the meals my husband had cooked for the twins. He's a big foodie and massive cookbook fan so he's really pleased with this. 
I also won this cookbook on twitter from SPAM. 
This final book was from Goodreads. 

I officially need bigger bookshelves!


  1. We had a lovely holiday on the Isle of White when our two were little too! Congratulations on the latest wins - nice to have something fun to come back to :-)

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