Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2015 goals!

I set goals for myself every year and I find it helps me keep focused. So here are my 2015 goals:

Family life
~ Take the girls out on adventures
~ Start collages of their names
~ Make them a dress each for their birthday
~ Smile with them everyday and appreciate all the small things 
~ Declutter
~ Make the garden more child friendly. 
~ Check Facebook less frequently!

~ Finish first draft of Baby Number Two by end of March
~ Give it a polish
~ Get feedback and polish again
~ Send Baby Number Two off to publishers & agents
~ Rewrite Miles Between Us
~ Enter writing competitions
~ Update my website

~ Read 20 books

~ Lose another stone and reach two stone award
~ Try at least thirty new recipes

Attempt to win:
~ TV
~ Holiday 
~ Wii U 
~ Spa Day 

Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Honestly, how is it that I haven't blogged since August? My intentions to take pictures of all my post went out the window when my babies turned into toddlers, meaning that any parcels or letters got filed away somewhere safe. I've been doing all my writing blogs over on The Romaniacs so this blog looks sadly neglected. I have, however, been working on the goals I set out this time last year and I've done pretty well all things considered. Tomorrow, I'll do a new set for 2015 and I'll post updates here when I achieve them.

Here's this year's progress:

~ Complete my work in progress I've reached 50K, which is 43K more than the beginning of the year. Not bad for a mum of twins!
  • Enter 5 writing competitions - I added this in March and I have been brave and entered a few! I was lucky enough to win the November Masterpiece Competition and the first three chapters of Miles Between Us is now published on the Just Write Website.

Reading (I normally read lots but I've found little time to do so. This will make me find time!)
~ To read a book a month - I've managed 15, I think!

~ Weigh a stone less by this time next year - I've lost a stone and managed to keep it off!
~ Cook at least one recipe from every good food magazine this year - Erm, cooked lots of recipes, just not from the magazines.

Realistic things to try and win:
~ A family day out
A cookbook
A fiction book
Something for the girls
A board game 

Added March 2014:
  • An evening out for Dan and me
  • An item of clothing
  • A beauty product
In our wildest dreams:
~ iPad Air
~ Kindle Paperwhite
~ Some way of making more room in our house
~ New TV
~ Spa Day
Along with all the hugs and giggles from my little girls, 2014 has been a pretty awesome year!