Monday, January 18, 2016

Don't Wait... to tell every person on the entire planet (or any other planet for that matter)

My children are very good at being loud. Since they found their voices they like to share their vocal range with anyone and everyone who wishes to hear them. We went out for a meal with friends last night and during the meal Eden announced after each mouthful that she liked that piece of food. 'I like carrot,' 'I like peas.' Admittedly it didn't go on the whole evening, but no doubt most people there knew that particular meal was being enjoyed. Perhaps some of the people in the carvery queue had an extra ladle of veg on the back of Eden's enthusiasm.

It's that kind of energy that would help spread the word about how wonderful peas and carrots are. There were lots of cartoon style pictures in the restaurant selling how good those veg were, but only a remark like 'I love carrots,' will make everyone else wonder what they are missing out on.

If my girls were able to read Waiting for You, I'm sure they would enthuse with gusto. Especially if I offered to take them down the bakery if they did (got to have balance to that diet), but they're a bit too young to read their mum's book.

So when you do get to read Waiting for You, if you enjoy it, please be the one to sing about it. Be the one who loves something so much they enthuse about it in a public place. Tell your friends, write a review, let everyone know and make sure they tell everyone they know.

Waiting for You is out on March 10th. Pre-order today to join in with some great prize giveaways.

Don't wait... Be one of the first readers to discover Waiting for You...

Waiting for You is an emotional and gripping debut novel you won’t be able to put down…
You’d never guess that Fliss Chapron doesn’t have it all
All Fliss wants is to see two blue lines telling her she is pregnant with her much longed for second baby. But as the negative tests stack up, dreams of completing her perfect family feel more hopeless every day.
After years of disappointment, Fliss’s husband Ben is spending more time at the office than in their marital bed, and Fliss finds herself wondering who could be responsible for their inability to conceive another child. Yet, where do you lay the blame when it comes to having a child – and can anyone really be at fault…
As Ben becomes increasingly distant, Fliss begins to question whether her desire for a baby is just a sticking plaster to save her marriage. Because in the end, how well can you ever know another person…even the man you’re married to?

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