Sunday, January 1, 2017

2016 goals - how far did I get?

2016 has been an amazing year for me both professionally and personally. I've done more than I ever thought possible and have achieved things that I've worked towards for years. So in no particular order these are my highlights of 2016. I've also listed the goals I set myself at the beginning of the year below to give an update on how they've gone. I love doing this every year as it gives me focus for the year ahead. I never achieve all of them, but I think this is the closest I've ever got to a complete list. And of course, I'll be setting one for 2017 to see where it leads me.

  • My first two novels were published. 
  • Waiting for You hit the top 100 Kindle books.
  • Waiting for You shortlisted for the Joan Hessayon Award.
  • Successfully potty trained two toddlers.
  • I signed with an agent - Hattie Grunewald.
  • Graduated from the terrible twos to the threenage years and survived.
  • Got to the point I'm earning as much as my job pre-babies.
  • Laughed, paused, created, dreamed, breathed, screamed, worried, conquered, applauded, smiled, muttered, enjoyed, lived.

Health/Me time:

  • Lose 2-3 stone - I have been going to Slimming World all year and my chart looks like an ECG. I need to concentrate on getting a downward trend this year! - I got to a stone and 6lbs loss. It's better than it was, but still needs work. But I've carried on going and will continueto do so!
  • Create more 'me' time. Sort out the doctors/dentist appointments I've been putting off - I've done reasonable well on this give how hectic my life is. I've been on two spa days. I've had mulitple cups of tea at the right temperature. I didn't make it the dentist. You can't win at everything. 
  • Exercise more. I haven't found time for anything regularly since the twins were born - Like I said - you can't win at everything!
  • Read 15 books (Didn't manage 20 last year unless you count reading my book at least 10 times!) - Can't remember what my final number was, but it's roughly 15. Not many compared to pre-children and writing takes priorities these day. 
  • Finish Book Two (currently unnamed) for Carina UK - This ended up being All That is Left of Us and was released in September. It's received some amazing reviews and I hope it continues to do well in 2017.
  • Enjoy seeing both of these books published and enjoy the ride it'll take me on - It has been tremendous and both books are doing so much better than I ever could have imagined - long may it continue! 
  • Plan Book Three - There are no less than FOUR books that I've been working on in some form or another. Keep an eye out in 2017 for more news on them.
  • Update my website - 
  • Plan a book launch for Waiting for You - This went really well with nearly 70 people attending and raising over £300 for the local community farm.
  • Potty train the twins! - Done!
  • Embrace the fact they are growing up and wave goodbye to cot sides and high chairs. - Done!
  • Continue enjoying lots of family adventures - They grow up way too quickly and I've loved being able to take them out as often as possible.

  • Get new front and back doors fitted - Done!
  • Get new boiler and radiators fitted - Done!
  • Redecorate the areas where it's needed - Done!
  • Tidy every surface in the house - I think this happened although there is absolutely no evidence of the fact now.
  • Declutter - I've sent many bags to the charity shops and yet there still seems to be no extra space in the house!

This year I'm going to attempt to win:
  • A family day out - I won a voucher to the IOW Zoo and a £50 ferry voucher so we made use of those and had a long weekend away.
  • A holiday - I was lucky enough to win a three-night break in a lodge with a hot tub and I ended up having it as a writing retreat! It was fab and I got 10K words written.
  • Soft drink/alcohol/food for book launch - I really got lucky with this. A friend supplied a case, I won a case plus some others and they all went in a raffle raising money for the community farm.

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  1. Wow, Catherine! You've really worked hard! Good Luck in 2017!!