Sunday, December 31, 2017

2018 goals!


  • Complete three-four large writing projects
  • Write in another genre for fun
  • The same list as last year only this time I'm actually going to pay attention to this section of life:
  • Get my two stone award
  • Cook more
  • Get more active and do more walking using my new fitbit as motivation
  • Go to the dentist

  • Finish sorting my bedroom and the attic
  • Buy a new oven
  • Sort out the broken washerdryer still under warrenty
  • Get passports for the girls
  • Repaint the surround of the front door
  • Sort the back garden more
  • Book more holidays!

  • Day Trip
  • Meal out
  • Holiday for the family
  • Cruise
  • Something for the girls
  • Something I wouldn't buy myself!

Things I learned in 2017!

  • ·         That taking ownership of your own destiny is a life skill
  • ·         That however chaotic a day feels, when you look back on a week you are generally winning
  • ·         That if you are not winning, it’s because more important things cropped up and if you’ve paid attention to those instead, actually you are still winning, just in a different format
  • ·         That nothing is more important than being kind
  • ·         That it is okay to draw a line when someone abuses your kindness. Kindness does not equal weakness
  • ·         That impossible tasks are possible if you make them a priority
  • ·         That it’s okay to not complete every task you set yourself because you are not a robot
  • ·         That if I had a robot, it would have two functions: Tidying and Childcare. Immediately 80% of my time would be freed up, but I’d be bored in two weeks
  • ·         That the children starting school means you will be given crafting assignments that no amount of education ever prepared you for.
  • ·         That words can heal and my job is a gift
  • ·         That filling out paperwork can be cathartic in unexpected ways
  • ·         That every year should involve movement
  • ·         That every month should involve dancing like a crazy person at least once
  • ·         That every week should have a soundtrack
  • ·         That every day should include laughter
  • ·         That it is okay not to be okay
  • ·         That dragons do actually exist if only for fractional portholes of time when you are with your children
  • ·         That nothing in the world beats the sound of your children laughing
  • ·         That karma exists and miracles do happen
  • ·         That poetry is good for the soul and you shouldn’t cancel this out by switching the news on
  • ·         That my kids are never going to forget the time that Uncle B said that naughty word ‘poo’ when he took them to the park
  • ·         That for every goodbye, there will be a hello
  • ·         That for every end, there will be a beginning
  • ·         That in an all-encompassing year that felt like a holy pile of crap at the time, you will look back and find hidden amongst those 365 time slots that you also found your greatest triumphs
  • ·         That the thing you should take those triumphs and wear them like the shiny medals they have become